Old Signs Porcelain enamel advertising signs

I am allways on the lookout for quality signs in good condition. If you have signs for sale, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me. I'm very much interested in the expensive and rare signs. I have several from Argentina, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Indonesia, UK, Africa etc etc.

If you have signs from Dutch companies like: Van Houten's cocoa, Van Nelle coffee and tea, Droste cocoa, Philips lamps and radio, Heineken beer or any other Dutch companie, please send me pictures with prices and condition. I'm not only interested in Dutch signs. I have signs from all over the world and would like to buy more.

I am very much interested in signs with ships on them (1890 - 1965).

You can send an e-mail with the contact-form.

Henk van Embden
+31 79 3612995
+31 6 15038011